Founded by Joy James, JOYEYEWEAR is an online based chic eyewear store with the vision of providing trend-setting eye accessories to posh women. Just like her distinctive eyewear collection, Joy has always stood apart not only in fashion, but as an individual. Aside from traditional education, she always knew she was born to thrive creatively and entrepreneurially. She is an entrepreneur, model, visual director, fashion stylist, fashion designer, and dancer amongst other abilities. Joy has always had an innate passion for fashion, and her well-dressed parents who both modeled, catapulted her inspiration. Alongside fashion, she is an avid traveler. Each eyewear frame’s name is a tribute to that.

More than just a brand, JOYEYEWEAR is a movement that cultivates individuality, boldness, and confidence. She aspires to not only make you look amazing but feel amazing!

JOYEYEWEAR is a Washington, DC based brand created to bring high quality eyewear at economical prices. Let us be the finishing touch to your vacation, birthday, special event, and everyday look.